A Guide to Alleviating Some of the Stress That Comes With Moving a Loved One Into a Skilled Nursing Facility

How to Practically and Emotionally Prepare to Move Your Parents into a Higher Level of Care

With our Skilled Nursing program, we provide a range of physician-ordered services, including assessments, treatments, medication and nutritional supplementation.

Our skilled registered and licensed practical nurses are available around the clock every day of the week to provide our residents with compassionate and skilled care. Other services we offer include diabetes management, catheter care, ostomy care and postsurgical monitoring.

“Buckingham Pavilion is a place where families should feel at ease knowing that the staff is providing the best quality of care to all their residents. I have worked at Buckingham Pavilion for two years now, and have observed how the administration always puts the residents safety and care as a top priority. I would recommend Buckingham Pavilion to anyone seeking placement for a loved one, as well as anyone seeking a job!”

– Brianna B.

“Putting your loved one in a care facility can be a daunting task and a stressful experience, but the administration of Buckingham, and it’s staff will make it a smooth transition. The level of individualized care here and staff willing to go the extra mile for residents is what differentiates this place from others. Kind and thorough nursing staff as well. Very clean place, and all around caring staff. Other places may fool you with brand new chandeliers and fancy new tiles, etc, but Buckingham Pavilion will take care of things where it really counts! I worked here for 2 years and speak from my experience.”

– Julia S.

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