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Parkinson’s Care Chicago & Cook County

The first word in Parkinson’s care is compassion. This is exactly what Buckingham Pavilion has brought to Chicago and Cook County for over 44 years. Our skilled nurses provide compassionate care as they strive to provide our residents with the highest quality of life possible throughout their stay.

Attentiveness is crucial when providing care for Parkinson’s disease. Not only are our nurses striving to offer the highest quality of life but are also present to track the progress of the disease and ensure that quality of life goals are consistently achieved. Just as with our memory care programs, a holistic approach is taken in order to reach the goals set for our residents.

Some Signals of Parkinson’s Disease

● Unexplained mood or personality changes
● Specific declines in motor skill
● Digestive issues

While the signals of Parkinson’s can seem general in nature, there are other aspects to consider. Generally, the disease begins to show symptoms around the ages of 50’s-60’s. However, onset can begin at an earlier age, as evidence by one of the most famous cases of Parkinson’s, Michael J. Fox.

In order to achieve the best results while treating Parkinson’s, taking a holistic approach is what sets us apart as a facility providing nursing care to residents with Parkinson’s disease. Our dedicated staff takes exactly this approach. While ensuring that a medication schedule is adhered to and helping our residents have a healthy state of mind helps to ensure their care goals are met. Maintaining good nutrition and fluid intake are significant importance when dealing with a disease such as Parkinson’s.

Continuing to stay mobile is another key to providing the best care results for Parkinson’s. This includes both maintaining as independent a lifestyle as possible but participating in exercises which will help to increase range of motion and mobility.

Providing A Parkinson’s friendly Environment

The staff at Buckingham Pavilion aim to promote as independent of a lifestyle as possible for our residents. Keeping our residents rooms clean and clutter-free is another important part of the care that we provide. Especially as the disease progresses, this becomes more and more crucial in order to continue to offer the highest quality of life for our residents. If you, or a loved one are looking for Parkinson’s care from a staff that treats you in a dignified and kin-like manner, contact Buckingham Pavilion today to discuss or to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. While a photo can say a thousand words, nothing compares to meeting our outstanding staff yourself!

How to Practically and Emotionally Prepare to Move Your Parents into a Higher Level of Care

With our Skilled Nursing program, we provide a range of physician-ordered services, including assessments, treatments, medication and nutritional supplementation.

Our skilled registered and licensed practical nurses are available around the clock every day of the week to provide our residents with compassionate and skilled care. Other services we offer include diabetes management, catheter care, ostomy care and postsurgical monitoring.

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