Assisted Living Plus™

Providing assisted living independence
with added around-the-clock care.

Our Assisted Living Plus program takes care one step further than traditional assisted-living facilities.

This program provides assisted living independence with the added benefit of around-the-clock care seven days a week. This allows our residents to maintain their independence without the added anxiety.

Like any of our other programs, this extra level of protection gives peace of mind to family members who want to ensure their loved one is cared for.

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Take it from one of our staff members

“Buckingham Pavilion is a place where families should feel at ease knowing that the staff is providing the best quality of care to all their residents. I have worked at Buckingham Pavilion for two years now, and have observed how the administration always puts the residents safety and care as a top priority. I would recommend Buckingham Pavilion to anyone seeking placement for a loved one, as well as anyone seeking a job!”

– Brianna Baker

“My family and I are very grateful for the excellent ongoing care my Husband receives at Buckingham Pavilion Nursing Center. My Husband requires a very high level of care. At Buckingham Pavilion he is given top-notch, expert professional nursing care around the clock! My Husband is cared fir by highly skilled, experienced nurses as well as highly skilled experienced certified nursing assistants. They all take such good care of my Husband with professionalism and with love and compassion. He is always treated respectfully. In fact, my Husband is treated as a treasured family member.
At Buckingham Pavilion I can count on the nurses, certified nursing assistants and the Administrators to “go the extra mile” to make sure all my Husband’s needs are met.
The staff is also extremely responsive to family concerns; I feel that Buckingham Pavilion is my home too!
The entire staff also works as a team to make sure there is continuity of care.
We feel very Blessed!
I highly recommend Buckingham Pavilion Nursing Center!”

– Pesia Baylis

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